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black soap Nigeria_composition_-coconut oil extract-palm oil extract-fruit acid concentrate-AHA-collagen-vegetable ash,- aloe vera, - honey, - natural glycerin, - Cam_effet_wood Thanks to its texture and the virtuous combination of healthy and natural ingredients with complementary properties, this black soap is particularly recommended for skin with acne, eczema or simply imperfections. Known for its cleansing and brightening properties, this soap is particularly appreciated for its action on pigmentation stains. Stains of old age or effects of melanin concentration following a lesion, the black soap of Nigeria Extra Whitening helps fight against hyper-pigmentation and accelerates the disappearance of stains , very lightening to obtain a “unified complexion” ideal for all skin types.It soothes, moisturizes, nourishes, treats skin with imperfections,

Extra brightening black soap

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